EventosVIPpass is about event photography. We have a Website and a monthly magazine featuring the top Latin American events in Washington DC area.


Our Latin life+style magazine is the premier guide that speaks and reflects equally on sophisticated and intellectual Latin and Hispanic people in Washington D.C. Our publication celebrates the vast diversity of Latin and Hispanic culture with the first magazine that recognizes the sophisticated presence of this multicultural market, as well as anticipate its growth, making it particularly provocative to those creative and passionate people who pursue excellence.

Our magazine is committed to providing a creative and ethical multimedia platform. We publish 12 issues per year. Eventos VIP Pass peeks inside an exclusive, high-end society.

Eventos VIP Pass is written in the language and style that directly speaks to The Latino Jet-Set. We want to inspire our readers in a way that every-time they get our products and services or simply visit our site in search of any answers we can remind them their culture, their family and their education

Eventos VIP Pass speaks to a wider range of Latin and Hispanic consumers through Jet-set, art, fashion, gastronomy, health, sports, family and culture. Eventos VIP Pass is the premier way to reach millions of high net worth individuals of Latin and Hispanic origin in the DMV; Eventos VIP Pass is committed to providing a creative and ethical platform to promote the timeless and universal pleasure of sharing our culture with family and friends.

Most of our work is available , either in print form or as licensed images.
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